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Mortgage broker Jodie Erwin offers a broad range of mortgage services for clients located in Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph, Woodstock, and Waterloo.

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  • Mortgage Pre-Approval in Cambridge, ON

    Is Refinancing Right For Me?

    With mortgage rates at an all-time low, it’s the perfect time to refinance your mortgage, even if your mortgage term isn’t quite up yet. By taking advantage of the low rates now, you can secure lower monthly payments. This will reduce your financial stress and help you switch to mortgages with better terms and conditions. You also receive the benefit of high-interest debt payouts. Should you be struggling with credit card debt or student loans, a refinance can help you lower your monthly payments and, in turn, free up some money to consolidate your debt.


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Jodie Erwin has been in the community working with clients since 2007. Jodie Erwin has been working as a Licensed Mortgage Agent since 2014 and now with Your Mortgage Your Way.


Mortgage Agent in Cambridge, Ontario

Jodie Erwin is a Mortgage Agent with Your Mortgage Your Way offering complete Mortgage Solutions and Best Mortgage Rates for clients in Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

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