Busted! Don’t Believe This Myth About Mortgage Brokers!

Jodie Erwin |

Mortgage Renewal in Cambridge, ON

Investing in a home can be an expensive commitment. To afford the property you plan to purchase, you will need to look for a mortgage based on your financial situation. Having a mortgage broker on board can help you secure the necessary finances quickly and with minimum hassles.

However, as mortgage brokers work directly with several lenders and receive their commission from these lenders, this makes their services susceptible to misconceptions. Falling for these falsehoods will rob you of the benefits that mortgage brokers provide. To help you obtain an effective mortgage plan, Jodie Erwin has debunked one of the most widely believed myths about mortgage brokers.

Myth: Mortgage brokers work for banks and lenders.
As a mortgage agent at Mortgage Architects, I have to build a strong relationship with a large number of banks so that I can provide the best pricing for any possible scenarios. I have access to around fifty-seven lenders, which makes it impossible for me to work for them. Rest assured, I will remain wholly detached from any exclusivity or be biased while researching a product and negotiate solely on my client’s behalf to ensure your needs are met.

To help you steer clear of any falsehoods about a mortgage broker, reach out to Jodie Erwin at Mortgage Architects. As an experienced mortgage broker in Cambridge, ON, I am committed to my clients’ needs and strive to find them the best mortgage products at a low-interest rate. I provide services like mortgage purchasing, mortgage refinancing, mortgage renewal, mortgage pre-approval, and chip mortgages. 

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